Sunday, April 18, 2010

If You’re Hearing Voices, Should You Listen?

Is that little voice inside our head or that feeling that stirs in our gut, real? We hear something, feel something, but what is it? It does seem to be real, at least to us personally. And it is often right. You know the times when on a multiple choice test you keep hearing “Pick A.”, in your head, but you ignore it only to find out later that A, was indeed, the correct answer. Or the time you have this gut feeling to take another route home and later discover there was a major accident on your usual way home. We call this knowing, intuition, but what is it, exactly?

Some might say its instinct, but instinct is more biological, more hard wired. Intuition is a vague notion. For example, being attracted to someone in such a powerful way that the feeling of wanting to be close to them consumes you is instinct. That little voice that keeps telling you this would be a bad idea is intuition. Your instinct may be more powerful, but if that person is truly trouble then that little voice may become a more visceral feeling in your gut. Something inside you is trying very hard to get your attention, is trying to override those powerful instincts. Why do our instincts seem stronger than our intuition? It’s probably because we’ve spent a lot of time pretending those inklings weren’t real. Besides, how can we possibly know this perfectly nice person is going to harm us when there are no outward signs of this side of their character?

But we do know. We know things, but can’t explain why. Since we’re all connected and share the same Consciousness, doesn’t it seem possible to know more than just what our outer senses can tell us? The more aware we are of this, then the more we can know.

Stay tuned in to that inner voice. It is real. It is a part of the higher reality we all share in. The more we listen the better we’ll get at living the reality we want to live.

Writing Tip: The collective unconscious is an amazing resource for writers and there are many ways to tap into it. We do it often, anyway. An idea hits you, you have no idea where it came from, it’s just the soup of Knowledge we all swim in. Dreams are another way of accessing it. Some of my best ideas have come from dreams. Often writers, when in the flow, are in a trance state which seems to be a direct line to this collective sphere of knowing. One way I get into that trance state, if I’m just not feeling it at the moment, is to listen to music that seems to relate in some way to what I want to write about. What are some of the ways you gain access to the collective Mind?

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  1. Plato believed in a nonrational way of knowing. It is important to stress nonrational versus irrational. This way of knowing is not IRrational, it's just not rooted in chronological, empirical, rational thought. He was talking about what you're talking about and what is now condescendingly referred to as "women's intuition". (And Socrates called it his daimon.)