Thursday, April 17, 2014

What We Do Matters

May I do good work with my hands worth remembering.
~ Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris

What will you leave behind after you’ve transitioned from this world? We all want to do worthy work that will live beyond us, work that matters. I wish to leave words that inspire and make people think in my wake. I want my work to matter to people.

This morning I was wondering, what does it mean when we say something matters? Perhaps it means it has been condensed into something solid, tangible, present in form. That’s what matter is right? The scientific definition is that which has mass and takes up space. We also speak of the matter at hand, the idea or situation that is to be or has been discussed.

I think it means all that and more. What is something that matters? When we use matter this way we mean something that is important to us. Why it matters is subjective. That something we create matters to someone beyond us makes us feel as though we have contributed. We feel that our existence has meaning.

The thing is, everything we do matters. We exist and therefore new ideas, things, ways of seeing, etc. exist. We turn much of what we are into form, whether it’s an idea made manifest or a thought turned into a gift or a feeling given expression. We make that which is invisible, visible. To me, matter is condensed light. We are condensed light. We are Spirit made flesh. We are matter and we do matter. Everything matters.

There is no need to worry about whether or not you will leave something behind that matters. It all does. If you approach life as if everything you do is important, which is to say that you infuse all that you do with presence and love, it will be remembered by those who experience it.

Go then and make of the world something beautiful, set up a light in the darkness.
~ Normandi Ellis, Awakening Osiris