Monday, July 9, 2018

Be Here Now and Make the Offering Before You Go

Photo by Charles "Beautyseer" Elliott

The symbol in the center window in the above photo, the v, is called the teaching symbol in the Science of Mind philosophy. It speaks to how Spirit moves down and becomes the form we are and where we live our day to day lives.

The movement is down. Often, spiritual ideas are about us moving up towards Spirit, everyone climbing the mountain on their own path to the Divine. But what if we turned the mountain upside down and followed the path Spirit takes, moving down into life, meeting Spirit right where we are?

Our soul wants to be in the thick of things. We’re here to experience a life of form, to see the Divine within ourselves and others, to feel the Divine move us and to walk on holy ground. The Earth invites us to be here fully. We are Spirit in form and that form blends all the elements of the Earth and the stars.

It is all one, but the prism of Soul the light of Spirit passes through projects forth an array of the possibility of being on every level. We can visit and learn from these many levels of being, but I believe it’s important to fully experience this life of form.

When we go deep within and touch the pain and joy that wells up from our experience on Earth, we’ll know the Divine in a way that is unlike any other. I’m sure all levels of being bring ways of knowing, but we’re here in body. Let us know Spirit here and now. May we allow Spirit to know us and hence itself in the flesh, feel the rush of blood beneath the skin and gather in the bones all that is learned.

The heart’s flame resides within each beat, each pulse a reminder we are here. Spirit is here. Turn your attention to the beat of your heart. Now look at your hands. Let your heart guide them. You are here. Dig deep. Use your hands to do the work and make the offering before you go.

Friday, June 29, 2018

What Do I Need and How May I Serve?

A couple of weeks ago the question above came to me. I’ve begun using it as a spiritual practice every morning and today I started to think about the question itself.

It’s important to ask yourself what it is you need before you begin serving others. Service is based on what we have to give and if we are not meeting our own needs, we can’t meet the needs of others.

To ask how you may serve is opening yourself to the guidance of Spirit. It’s best to not just jump into serving others. Not only is it a good idea to ask the Universe, it’s important to ask those we mean to serve what it is they need.

Sometimes the answer you get may be you don’t need anything at the moment. To be in a place where you feel you already have all you need is a beautiful place. To be that full you begin to serve simply by being.

There may also be times you don’t get an answer to how you may serve. That’s okay. Let it come to you over the day. You may even get the answer that you don’t need to serve today. Sometimes we just need to be.

To serve is to show devotion to this One Life. To regularly ask how you may serve is to daily consecrate your vow to Life. And remember, to honor Life is to honor yourself. That is why you first ask what it is you need. It’s all one. You are an expression of the Divine Energy that is all. You are blessed and a blessing. May your path express the beauty, love and truth of Life Itself.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Lessons from the Laundromat - The Law of Circulation

Photo by KoalaParkLaundromat on pixabay

Last year we had to move unexpectedly. My husband, a friend and I landed in a great place. We moved from an old apartment building to a large four bedroom house with a backyard. The only thing missing is a washer and dryer. So we take bi-monthly trips to the laundromat.

At first I hated the idea, but we didn’t have the funds for a washer and dryer. So off we trekked to a place called Superior Laundry about 10 minutes down the road with our bags of laundry. At 8:30 a.m. on a Monday morning we arrived to find it kind of busy. I hoped it would all go smoothly.

We got our carts and found machines that weren’t being used. So far so good. I noticed the dryers were just about all busy. Damn, I thought. Would we have to wait? We didn’t.

As we made our way through the process, I noticed the flow. No one seemed to have to wait. As long as you stayed in the flow, cleared out the machines when they were done and moved along at a decent pace all needs were met.

When I walked in and saw that it was busy, I was thinking from a lack mindset. The laundromat is a place of continual flow and movement. There wasn’t going to be a hold up because everything kept moving.

This is true of our experiences and lives. All is in continual flow. As long as things keep moving and we stay in the flow, we get what we need.

I did notice there were possible problems when someone put their laundry in the dryers and then staked out folding space for the next 30 minutes or so. That space could have been used by someone else who would have been finished by the time that person’s clothes were dry.

This is how we can block the flow of life around us. Holding onto anything you’re not using can cause a backup. Just like the laundromat, life is a process. There is a continual flow. That’s not to say there aren’t times of rest of course, but it’s all process and movement.

Now I remember to stay in the flow at the laundromat and I’m learning to do it in all areas of my life. Life is a gift to be used and to be given. May we all stay in the flow of Love.

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Power of Being

Photo by John Hain

It’s been about the doing for so long that I forgot to just be. Be the writer. Be the word priestess. Be the spiritual guide. And just simply be. It became about doing the writing and doing the work of a spiritual guide.

Wisdom found me in the form of a book, Neale Donald Walsch on Abundance and Right Livelihood. He reached out to me with his words to remind me abundance lives in me and by giving of myself…wisdom, experience, prayer, healing words…I can realize this abundance. It’s about being instead of doing. He says it isn’t by doing that we get money or any other form of abundance. It’s by remembering who we are and acting from there.

Yesterday I changed the way I view myself. I think I’d been heading in this direction for the past couple of weeks, but Neale nudged me just a little further. I stepped into being the spiritual guide and word priestess and people have reached out to me. I brought into my experience those who needed help by being that which is needed.

We believe we have to make things happen by doing, but it’s really when we stop doing and just be who we are that things happen. This doesn’t mean we don’t take action. It just means we take action from who we are being. It follows naturally. And it feels good. If it doesn’t feel good, you’re probably in a doing mindset. Let go. When you can just be, Spirit takes over. There is synchronicity, powerful intuition and inspirations when we allow things to unfold. This is the good news. This is the gift Life offers. Embrace it and miracles and magic will surround you.

Monday, February 26, 2018

You Already Have All You Need

The title may not seem true to you if you don’t have the money in hand to pay bills now due or a working car or any number of other unmet needs. I understand the frustration. In fact, I’m dealing with it right now. My life is my practice.

I don’t have it all figured out. But I do know that the frustration I feel is not helpful. It’s a result of me thinking I don’t have what I need. I get to turn this around. My way of viewing the situation can be changed.

What I do know is that everything I see and experience is colored by my thoughts and beliefs. And all of it is in the One Mind. We are the rising energy of Spirit moving into expression through all manner of being. If I am that which is everything and the potential of everything, I have all I need.

The practice comes in fully realizing this truth in the midst of my experience. I get into to trouble when I run around in fear and try to make things happen. I interfere/interfear. I interject my fears into the One Mind and so that is what plays out for me.

I realize the truth by becoming silent and connecting to Spirit. I allow the Presence to take over so I can relax. When I relax and trust, I am open to Spirit’s inspirations and grace.

There are studies that show how a relaxed state of mind is conducive to solving problems because we are open to what is already there within the subconscious. Fear is restriction and restriction cuts off flow. Release the fear and the way through is made clear.

Another way to put this is, know the truth and then show the truth. The truth is that you do have all you need. I speak this as a reminder to myself. I treat and I trust. I know and I show. Spiritual Mind Treatment or affirmative prayer is a tool I use to shift my consciousness. But the main thing to do is to trust and let go. The answers are within. Everything we need comes from Spirit rising to the surface.