Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to Cast a Spell over Yourself

Speak words of power and the life you want will magically appear.

Is it as simple as that? Can we just use some power words and have all those circumstances we don’t like be replaced by ones we love? Well…

We can certainly become more aware of our self-talk which will enable us to replace those words that leave us feeling less than powerful, but this takes time. Our culture has us trained to want quick fixes. Getting the life of your dreams will not happen overnight.

So, now we’ve been speaking our words of power for a few weeks, but the spell doesn’t seem to be working. Now what? Are you listening? Have you replaced all those words that aren’t true? Words you direct toward yourself like, hate, stupid, can’t, tired, and so on? My guess is that you’re not catching all of those negative words and phrases. It takes time. But what takes the most time is believing that these new words apply to you and your life. You may ask, “Am I really smart, good enough, enthusiastic?” Are the words you’ve used to replace you’re old vocabulary true of you? Think about this. You need to find words that ring true for you. Then it’s just going to take time to convince yourself that they are true of you. The more you’ve been conditioned to believe negative, untrue things about yourself, the longer it’s going to take for the spell to work.


• Find your words of power, your fire words (empowering words that speak of the life you want and the person you truly are). Remember, these are words you’re going to use to create your reality and not the reality your mother wants for you.

• Pay close attention to how you talk to yourself and what words you speak during your day. Anytime you catch yourself using a disempowering and untrue word replace it with one of your words of power.

• Do this for the rest of your life. (No one is perfect, but you will get better at it.)

• Watch as your life begins to resemble the one you envisioned.

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