Monday, February 1, 2010

Write for the Ear

W.B. Yeats said, “Write for the ear.” I’m an ear person so this is something I feel is important for my own understanding. But I also think we can get a lot more from our words if we keep this in mind.

The sounds of words are especially important in poetry. Not all poets think so though. Some poets write strictly for the page, but I say there is more power when your words are written to be heard. According to the Vedics you get the idea of something via the sound of the word, that the sound is the “the shelter of the meaning”. Greater understanding can be gotten through hearing the spoken word. In hearing it you get the speakers tone and inflection as well as any layers of meaning embedded in the sounds. It’s also true that when the sound of language flows your reader won’t stumble over your words. It keeps them in the flow where they can best get what you are saying.

Physically giving voice to something not only gives it more power via the meaning in the sounds it also extends its reach to a wider audience. Words as sounds vibrating through air cast a wider spell. They also cast a more potent spell by creating a physical experience which gives more dimensions to the event of hearing a piece of writing.

What about affirmations? Does speaking the reality we want work better than just keeping it in our heads? When we vibrate those words through our bodies we can viscerally feel the words which makes what we envision feel more alive. Try it and see what works best for you.

So keep the ear in mind when writing. Sound adds more power. And remember the power of sound when speaking your truth and creating your reality. Words are potent and that potency can be multiplied by turning words in your head into vibrations that resonate through your body and in the air.

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